Reunido na Praça, Opus 28 (2018)
Fixed Media

Work selected to 2020 MUSLAB Exhibition (Chihuahua, Mexico)

Work selected to 2020 The Golden Lala Award 2020 Concert (Poznań, Poland)

Reizantwort, Opus 36 (2020)
Viola and Electronics

Discontinuous Mediation I, Opus 37a (2020)
Fixed Media

Work selected to 2020 Espacios Sonoros festival (Salta, Argentina)

Honorable mention on Tesselat’s 2020 Call for Scores

Winner of Sound Silence Thought’s International Call for Artworks 2020 Call for Scores

Discontinuous Mediation II, Opus 37b (2021)
Fixed Media

Work selected to NSEME 2021’s Concert

Movable Mosaic (Work in Progress)
Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet in Bb/Bass Clarinet, Piano and Electronics

Work commissioned by Apply Triangle

Um Dentro de Um, o Outro, Opus 47 (2021)
Live Laptop (Max/MSP Patch)