Rodrigo Pascale (1996) is a Brazilian composer based on Michigan. Pascale graduated in composition at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in 2018, where he attended classes with Marcos Nogueira and Liduino Pitombeira. During his stay in Brazil, he had some works selected to several regional recitals and national events. Among them, the XXIX Panorama da Música Brasileira Atual stands out, where Pascale had his work “Morro do Leme” premiered by the performers Eduardo Monteiro and Thalyson Rodrigues. He also had works performed by other important Brazilian ensembles, such as UFRJ Sax Ensemble, UFRJ Brass Quintet and Duo Adour (Soprano and Guitar) and had private classes with professor Arthur Kampela (Columbia University). Nowadays, he is pursuing his master’s degree in Composition at Western Michigan University, where he has classes with Lisa Coons and Christopher Biggs. In 2020, he had some of his works selected for 2020 MUSLAB Exhibition in Chihuahua, Mexico and for 2020 Exchange for Midwestern Collegiate Composers in Kansas City, USA. One of the marks of his last works is the use of antagonistic approaches (chance, new complexity and spectral techniques, for instance) to convey conceptual ideas through his music.