Dentro de um, o outro, 2021

Dentro de  um, o outro is a live electronics composition, which utilizes the Max-MSP patch built by the composer. This patch is divided into three main parts: 1. 5 synthesizers that operate FM and AM (in which the parameter’s values are randomly generated and changed throughout this part); 2. a 10-synthesizers choir on which the frequencies are generated based on one selected harmonic of the overtone series (which is live selected by the performer and can be changed throughout the performance) respecting a predetermined range; 3. a 10-synthesizers choir that respects the same principles of the previous one, but also undergoes FM and AM.

Discontinuous Mediation I, 2020

The concept behind the fixed media composition Discontinuous Mediation I was born from reflections on the relationship between the concrete and the virtual. In contrast to the virtual binary environment, humans understand reality in a continuous way. Therefore, machines translate our perception of the physical world into their language. Based on this reflection, I developed a discontinuous procedure to understand the object, “guitar”, that is represented by this work. A collection of sounds was recorded and organized based on a previously determined segmentation, building a structure totally biased by this mediation. In this composition, the discontinuous and continuous universes crash and coexist, with the first trying to represent the last.

Assemblage, 2020

In this composition the concept of Assemblage is conveyed by the procedure of pitch accumulation using multiphonics – in which more than one note sound at the same time. The tonal material, which is disposed in a linear fashion during the first sections of the composition, builds the series of multiphonics that take place later in the piece – creating a new harmonic dimension where several notes sound simultaneously.

Concrescènza, 2020

Anicca, 2019

“Anicca” is one of the essential doctrines to describe the Universe according to Buddhism, together with “dukkha” and “anatta” constitute the three marks of existence. This doctrine refers to the constant mutation (impermanence) of all the things that compose the universe. Based on this conception, Pascale composed this piece, which emphasize the transitoriness of the stable sounds.

Reunido na Praça, 2018

“Reunido na Praça” is an electroacoustic musical work by Rodrigo Pascale, composed using only the recording of the speech of the  Brazilian President João Goulart at the Central Manifestation held on March 13th, 1964, the last breath of democracy before the 1964 Brazilian coup d’état. Through collage and effects (delay and reverb), the memory and the past of this tropical country were rescued.

Morro do Leme, 2017

This work was composed inspired by Morro do Leme, a place of exuberant nature located in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. If in the past the place was strategic to defend the city, today it makes it possible to appreciate a stunning landscape, which includes Copacabana beach, Sugarloaf Mountain and Corcovado. From the foot to the top of the hill there is a picturesque and winding trail that reveals the fauna and flora of the Atlantic forest. As well as the path that leads to the peak, the melody of the musical work, predominantly ascending, gains kinetic energy and passes through different climates and landscapes until its peak. In this route, a tonal material was used which, despite dialoguing with tradition, contains surprising moments which, similar to the path of Morro do Leme, aim to provide a contemplative experience. After this movement, the coda presents a downward movement that takes us back to the plain.

Suíte Arcos Alvos, 2016

Suite “Arcos Alvos”, by Rodrigo Pascale, symbolizes several elements of Lapa – a neighborhood in the central zone of Rio de Janeiro – from the perspective of the composer.


Jorge do Fusa by Garoto
Performed at WMU’s SEMINAR Performance Class IV in 2021

Blues by Five, solo by Miles Davis
Recording made in 2018