Antiguinhos, Opus 09 (2016)

Guitar Solo

Suite “Ao Vento”, Opus 10 (2016)

Piano Solo

Gonzaga, Opus 14 (2017)

Guitar Solo

Work selected to be performed in the Mostra Horizonte III (Rio de Janeiro,

Deslumbre, Opus 19 (2017)

Guitar Solo

Marea, Opus 33 (2020)

Piano Solo

Unnest, Opus 39 (2020)

Bassoon Solo

Work selected to be performed in the V International Congress of Music and Mathematics – MusMat 2020 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Winner of IIIo Festival Expresiones Contemporáneas Call for Score – Bassoon (Xalapa, Mexico)

Assemblage, Opus 40 (2020)

Baritone Saxophone Solo

Work selected to be performed in the VIII St. Petersburg International New Music Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia)

tight/loose, Opus 43 (2021)

Single Reed Instrument Solo

The Part is The Whole, Opus 49 (2022)

Flute Solo

(((11^x)fe2-2^y)(12-2)^(n) (Work in Progress)

Guitar Solo

Chamber Ensembles

Fanfarra Quebrada, Opus 02 (2016)
Brass Quintet

Suite “A Cartomante”, Opus 03 (2016)
Percussion Quartet

Bico do Papagaio, Opus 05 (2016)
Clarinet in Bb and Piano Duet

Suite “Arcos Alvos”, Opus 08 (2016)
Wind Quintet

Work selected to be performed in the Mostra Impulso I (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Insonia, Opus 12 (2016)
Clarinet Trio

Bentevi, Opus 13 (2016)
Flute and Guitar Duet

Gamboa, Opus 15 (2017)
Viola and Piano Duet

Work selected to be performed in the Mostra Impulso II (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Work selected to be performed in the 2020 Exchange for Midwestern Collegiate Composers (Kansas City, United States)

Morro do Leme, Opus 20 (2017)
Flute and Piano Duet

Work selected to be performed in XXIX Panorama da Música Brasileira Atual (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Incontinenti, Opus 22 (2017)
Clarinet, Doublebass and Percussion

Garoa, Opus 25 (2018)
Sax Quartet

Onde, Opus 26 (2018)
String Quartet

Anicca, Opus 29 (2019)
Flute, Violin and Piano

Redshit, Opus 32 (2019)
Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Cello, Piano and Percussion

Concrescènza, Opus 34 (2020)
Baritone Sax, Electric Guitar, Percussion and Piano

Pontoando, Opus 35 (2020) – Dedicated to Laura Parra
Viola and Guitar Duet

Avessos Assimilados, Opus 41 (2021)
Violin and Percussion Duet

Bifurcation, Opus 42 (2021)
Oboe and Soprano Saxophone Duet

Líneas y Puntos, Opus 44 (2021)
Two Electric Guitars and Two Electric Bass Guitars

Work composed during TRAMA Ensamble’s workshop

(de)noise, Opus 45 (2021) – Dedicated to SANS; Duo
Tenor Saxophone and Classical Guitar

Work commissioned by SANS; Duo


Três Canções de Vênus, Opus 27 (2018) – Dedicated to Duo Adour
Soprano and Guitar

Papas na Língua, Opus 30 (2019)
Singers Duet


Reunido na Praça, Opus 28 (2018)
Fixed Media

Work selected to 2020 MUSLAB Exhibition (Chihuahua, Mexico)

Reizantwort, Opus 36 (2020) – Dedicated to Laura Parra
Viola and Electronics

Discontinuous Mediation I, Opus 37a (2020)
Fixed Media

Work selected to 2020 Espacios Sonoros festival (Salta, Argentina)
Honorable mention on Tesselat’s 2020 Call for Scores
Winner of Sound Silence Thought’s International Call for Artworks 2020 Call for Scores

Discontinuous Mediation II, Opus 37b (2021)
Fixed Media

Work selected to NSEME 2021’s Concert

Movable Mosaic, Opus 46 (2021)
Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet in Bb/Bass Clarinet, Piano and Electronics

Work commissioned by Apply Triangle

Um Dentro de Um, o Outro, Opus 47 (2021)
Live Laptop (Max/MSP Patch)

Work selected for SEAMUS 2022
Work selected for 2022 Electronic Music Midwest

Malleable, Opus 48 (2021) – Dedicated to Tereza Díaz de Cossio and Trama Espacios
Open Instrumentation and Electronics

Work composed during Laboratorio de Creación de Partituras Gráficas para Flauta
Winner of 2021-22 Robert G. Fisk Award for Chamber Music (WMU, Kalamazoo, USA)


score or, non-score or, this is not a score or, this doesn’t contain music or, what not to do in case of performance (work in progress)

Film Music

Carne de Carnaval (2019)

Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones, Electric and Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar and Programmed Percussion

Deixe Que Eu Vá (2020)

Classical Guitar and Synthesizers